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Greater Things Ministry started as an ESL Program. My wife and I taught ESL English Classes for about 7 years. I first started teaching in Lima, Peru. This was a blast, and Im so glad God had this great plan for me. We recently were able to travel to Peru and lead a ESL program at the local Church. We were richly blessed to serve the Peru community. Now we offer ESL classes in the summer in Riverside, California.
People always have different reasons for attending. For example to learn more English before becoming a citizen. You may want to pass a GED test, or you want help with tutoring with current classes; People want to use correct grammar when writing documents at work. Perhaps people want to grow in their faith. We encourage our students with different life lessons.
Now we are reaching people through greater things. Please check out the merchandise to support us. Ask us about our high-quality t-shirts, sweaters, long sleeve shirts for your business or next event. Hablamos espanol. Reach your community through greater things!
I look forward to meeting you. Blessings to you. Jeremy Thornton

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