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  • Is the screen printing process dificult?
    It must not be too hard. But it may be hard for beginners. I always here I used to do silk screening as a kid. I dont think they learned the process. They probally used some stencils in their classroom. It is the process that involves a few steps. The begginner guide can get you started.
  • What are the first steps in the screen printing process?
    One must choose who to make a project for. I always recommend making a shirt for son or daughter or friend, family member first. What is the golden rule? Do to others as you would have them do to you. If your not reaching your community, your only reaching yourself. So make a shirt for the needy. Operation Christmas child reaches many kids across the world through samaritans purse. They fill up shoe boxes to reach the needy. But what type of art should one use? Photos are used most of the time. They can be edited to make high quaility stencils. You can use logos from your business. I like to use my sons art sometimes.
  • Are there many mistakes to make?
    This is a great question to answer. In life how many times do people try and try again and fail over and over again. Remember the wd-40 product. He and the company did not achieve greatness until many failures. This was a total of 40 failures before the name was achieved. As a child how does one learn to put jelly on bread? He has to manipulate his or her hand and knife to correctly put the jelly on the bread. I was watching my son try the other day. LOL
  • What type of squeegee does one use on the screen printing stencil?
    The best squeegee is the strong 80 durometer squeegee. Always make sure to cover your art work with the correct size squeegee for the frame you have.
  • What type of squeegee is used to apply the emulsion to the screen?
    I recomend using the rubber blade made by speedball; they sell it at your local arts and crafts store. This blade is flexible to apply to the screen. Most people use the stronger 80 durometer blade. I think it is a thin coat.
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