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3 Color Print

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

So thank you for the support. The first photo below is the black and white artwork I created. In this case, you take the picture you want on a shirt or fabric and transfer it to the transparency paper. I go to staples for 2$. The laser printer gets the job done in a second. The second picture below is how to use white as the background and add colors to it. In the third picture I added the magenta; the fourth picture I added the orange. So you would need 4 screens total to complete. Or 3 if you use tape to block half of the screen to do the magenta and half to do the orange. And another screen to do the black letters. This is a great way to get some abstract results when removing the screen for different colors. A lot of people want that perfect art. This may be a CHALLENGE. So I recommend doing a shirt for a family member first such as son or daughter not for yourself. Give and it shall be given back to you. Usually poured in your lap. Luke 6:38 from Bible.

So what is the best shirt to use to make some art? I have been using Gilden, but now for the summer, I want a thinner shirt. You could try Walmart; they sell fruit of the loom shirts that are thinner than Gilden. Or hanes may work also. You could also try Allstyle; they are thicker shirts. These I find at any type of swapmeet. So hotter weather on the way here in Ca. I hope you are enjoying your spring!! Im looking forward to the beach after this social distancing and stay at home stufff is done! Leave us a comment! Thanks!

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