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Serving Your Community Through Greater Things

screen printing

Not only must we do little things here and there to serve our community, our neighbor, our family, we should consider our future. What can we do to help others? This is a small gift of the spirit as Paul was talking about 2000 years ago. What about Rehab the harlot who helped spies and she got her name in the book of Life. Always the case is, how will we be remembered? Do we consider the least of these? What about the children who always need constant guidance and support; I know I neglect this daily. Kids lack the skills for life when nobody strengthens them in different areas. Let me get my son to school quick. Let them do all the work. That's why I'm so thankful there are people to help. Then I get a break. What about those people always making that fast food. We go through that drive through and bam we are all set for the day. No dishes, no cleaning, no wasting gas to cook. So consider reaching your community this week. Perhaps a small thing like screen printing with the kids. Use this as a fundraiser for your students. Start screen printing today. Make it an assignment to share the need to give back to the community. We should be remembered! Shop with us through ebay.

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